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UT Regional 2019

Science Olympiad1 min read

The UT Astronomy exam borrowed quite heavily from the Princeton exam (because I was lazy). Nonetheless, here's the test and key. The mean score was around 65 raw points, although the sample size is small (only 6 teams competed).

  • Astronomy C EXAM
  • Astronomy C KEY

In more exciting news, I finally trialled my computer science event: Algorithm Design! It's a python-based event that emphasizes both theoretical and practical programming knowledge. The topics include Python syntax, basic programming concepts, Object oriented design, data structures, and the time and space complexity of operations/algorithms on those data structures. Teams are expected to complete both a written test, as well as write code (in a real IDE!) to solve coding challenges. Here are the event materials, minus the coding challenges.

All the competing teams did much better than I expected, which makes me really happy -- it means I can make it harder next time. I definitely intend to expand on this event, and I'm really excited to try running it again at next season's UT Invitational. Thank you to all the teams that participated, I really appreciate it!

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