Dhruva's Dumb Website


Hi! I’m Dhruva, a second-year graduate student in the physics program at UC Berkeley. I’m broadly interested in theoretical aspects of systems that learn, and I’m currently focusing on the theory of deep neural networks. I use a combination of tools from statistical physics, applied math, and numerics to bridge the gap between the theory and empirics of deep learning.

Before moving to the bay area, I lived in Texas and studied physics, astronomy, and computer science at UT Austin. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, cooking, playing with synthesizers, making generative art, scrolling Twitter, or thinking about literally anything other than whatever pressing deadline is approaching.


Sep 28, 2022 First submission to a major conference (ICLR) 🤞
May 6, 2022 I won the Teaching Effectiveness Award! :sunglasses: WOO!!!!
Mar 22, 2022 I won the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award! :)))
Aug 22, 2021 Started grad school at UC Berkeley
Jun 6, 2021 My senior thesis was the runner-up for the CS Best Honors Thesis award!